Who am I?

About me (one sentence)

I am engineer by training, entrepreneur by experience and IM by preference looking to move into strategic consulting.

About Blog

Here I post the philosophies of my side of life.

My Philosophy

My inspirational quote is Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
-Helen Keller

I strongly believe a person in the this world has two options – facing the world , experiencing trails and tribulations life could give and secondly locking  themselves in a safe environment looking for security and occasionally putting themselves out there. I strongly believe in former approach  as it is only way one can discover their passions of life. Life without a passion is like a living body with dead soul. My main career objective is to work in a career I am passionate about and I will never work another day of my life.

My Purpose

When I close my eyes I see myself “managing a company and making it great so it stands against the test of time”. I want to make a company where employees will wake up everyday looking forward to taking the company in new direction and “inspired” by work. In management lingo it is to add “human dimensions to innovative management systems” which previous and some existing management failed.

My career journey

I have been trained as a Geomatics engineer in Canada and during my third year of university I found I wasn’t particularly found out about most of what I was doing (I tried transferring but would have lost lot of money and time as it was unique course). I finished the course and worked for an engineering company where I met lots of people to trouble-shoot their problems , thus gaining people skills. Then I moved to market a business where I was exposed to marketing strategies like cold calling, web promotion, branding etc. During that time I have developed love for entrepreneurship and could read business books for hours.

City of superlatives

I moved to Dubai on 2008 ,  since geomatics industry was small, only way to get jobs was to get and meet with people in the companies and get information. I did not believe in traditional job search and conducted many informational interviews and wrote articles.  I finally got 7 offers from 8 interviews, none of which were posted jobs.

I worked for a year marketing a $150,000  laser machine product gaining negotiation, marketing and sales strategies.  Recession hit very hard on Dubai and most of the clients put the sale on hold, I voluntarily resigned and moved on to implement business ideas I learned and at the same time test the waters on doing business in Dubai. As MacKay said “Don’t be afraid to take the plunge – just test the water before you dive in!

Business World

Dubai has many shopping malls and is a tourist destination, I decided to open in retail sector concentrating in small niche – specialty retail. I had ZERO experience in this field. I spent my time extensively researching the market, business, labour  & retail sectors and finally after 3 months obtained my business license.  I started my business around June which went on until end of December. In these 6 months I learned hell lot about business. There were many factors beyond my control which I miscalculated which I have posted here.

Future Plans

With my business in hold, I have been helping my relative in promoting the business quite sometime, volunteering in speaking clubs, campaigned to close unsafe u-turns & founded Suraya Foundation – an innovative road safety awareness campaign.

My friend found out that I could analyze problems and loved talking and reading about business management and highly recommended me to join strategic consultancy firm.  I am preparing extensively at the moment to get into this field.

If you want to contact me regarding career or anything related to this blog, post comments in this field or alternatively mail me at me at shanzzenith.com.


5 responses

25 04 2010
Jijie Zablan

Dear Shanz,

Wow! The more I am impressed after going through your blog. I hope we could support each other to reach our goals.

Anyway, count me in whenever you need to bounch your ideas.

Thank you so much for your active involvement in Toastmasters. I am sure there is a lot we can do with like minded people.

Best regards,

16 09 2010
Alvin Flores

Thank you so much for your active involvement in Toastmasters. I am sure there is a lot we can do with like minded people.

20 09 2010
sarah Isaac

Hi Shanz,

Sarah here @ Dubai One TV.. very keen to film you and feature your foundation this week. Can you call me asap on M: 050 1562761

22 08 2011
Harold Warington

Hi I tried reaching you, basically got your profile on the LinkedIn and would love to interview for a position in Innovation strategist. My assistant will e-mail you with details.

2 08 2013

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