Did you have your ET salad today?

5 04 2010

E.T. salad (source: Stock image)

Did you hire the services of one of the most expensive and low benefit (compared to cost) ISP’s and telephone provider in the world? ETisalat. These guys with permission of government is doing all the work NOT to make UAE one of the leading providers of internet business as their rates are preposterously high especially for business.

Competition improves service?

After emergence of so-called competitor called DU, they got better according to newspapers but according to 90% of feedback received they got far worse. Even after charging ridiculous amount, they restrict bandwidth , provide bad customer service and does a bad job in updating DNS servers.

Killing the future

The fourth of the deadly business sins is slaughtering tomorrow’s opportunity on the altar of yesterday.” – Peter Drucker (5 deadly business sins)

Do you know why you still use trees,  roundabouts and buildings as landmarks like your ancestors used North star for navigation? Did you know this can be remedied using geocoded address like they use in States and Canada? Did you know it costs the federal government less than Dhs 10 million to make this? Well if they do then your parcels would be delivered right to your door and Emirates Post would lose business charging ridiculous prices on empty boxes.

Similarly Etisalat thought VOIP would damage their looting from public so many years ago they spent thousands to get technology which stops VOIP like Skype. Then they assured public they would release their VOIP system. It’s been three years even Burj Khalifa didn’t take long, what is Etisalat waiting for?

Slow DNS

Three days ago I tried moving the domain name from one domain name provider to another. It’s been a week since I transferred, I tried getting into domain http://www.ripsister.com from etisalat internet and it showed domain parked, when I used VPN to access internet via server form States it took me to right site. I feel bad for complaining my new domain name hoster for bad service which was the fault of Etisalat.

So what’s lesson learnt? Use http://www.opendns.com/start/ to host your domain names and use them in your browser for browsing the internet.




2 responses

11 04 2010

Haha Etisalad.. classic! I guess they dumped their plans for voip

13 04 2010

Hilarious post! you are right they charge exorbitant sum!

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