27 03 2010

parody of (Source: photoshop)

Just read an article where many glamorous projects in Dubai were put on hold. These empty buildings reminds me of days when there was huge debate going on whether Dubai would be hit by economic recession. Many so called experts were singing the tune of  eye of tiger and were claiming Dubai was invulnerable.

Those days I used to read advices of sages on (now discarded from my  rss reader). They posted claims from authorities without any analysis . One of the example is Dubai debt claims were overblown until it blew up their faces on October when Dubai government distanced away from Dubai world. There were also many claims from so called industry experts that Gulf markets would withstand global slowdown without providing any evidence. Arabian Business also has so called analysts like the senior editor Anil Bhoyrul whose barrage of articles against the so called real estate agents angered the readers not because he was providing apocryphal story but because he didn’t provide any analysis in a so called business magazine. Here is one of this post where he claims to hit back at one of the agents. Below is a GREAT feedback from one of the frustrated reader AJ,

I feel what has been suggested by the author here does not hold solid ground without a summation of the scenario in some other industries in UAE. My experiences with people in many other industries like media, trading, retail, F&B, etc over the last many years has led me to believe that there is a dearth of talented, skilled, or even educated people that we see or deal with on a daily basis.

In fact this belief even raises some questions on the authors credibility as a journalist. The article & reader comments together, to a great extent, display a feel of jealousy more than anything else. Not to defend the real estate sector or the people working within, but the author & readers should look at the bigger picture if they really want to greater good for the country and its societies.

Mr. Bhoyrul has a great colleague named Damien Reilly, here is an example of his post “Where has all the optimists gone?” where he provides no kind of value or analysis instead hits back at old optimists. Another great feedback from reader “Sam the Sham”:

You say “Where have all the optimists gone?”
I say “Where have all the realists gone?”
How about putting someone on the cover who can deal with the facts, not the fantasy and the delusion?
Why do you always post stuff that has you ridiculed? You should (as a journalist) be dealing with hard facts, not chasing rainbows. Or are you posting this kind of silliness to attract more hits for AB at the expense of your own reputation?

You can measure his “ingeniousness” by reading this article which hit the nail and after which I stopped reading In this article “3D: A gold rush about to happen” he is all over the place and in one part he mentions “Anyone who has seen Avatar in 3D – and that is a lot of people judging from box office figures so far ($1.14bn in three weeks) – will attest that two dimensional film making is over“. Wow great analytical skills which will make movie critics like Roger Ebert peck his cheek. There was another GREAT feedback from Mr G, wish there were virtual tomatoes to throw at the author.

Reilly’s article’s all over the shop – it seems to start out as a broad ranging critique about the sheer number of film festivals in this region then laments the lack of a viable indigenous film production industry stemming from it…. the link to 3D production is tenuous at best? Also, his comment about Egypt being the center of the film making universe sums it up really – if you don’t know otherwise, why not do a bit of research mate? BTW – I can only guess he’s trying to be ironic with the French art house line.

I could write better articles for free than those sitting in taking exorbitant salary (yes, yes readers feel free to forward this article to them).




2 responses

27 03 2010
Sam the man

hahaha…. there are joke and want people to gossip on their site and increase their traffic

31 03 2010
Ahmed Takhaley

Every bit of this article is right. ITP is now facing problems with their staff, quality is crap.

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