Importance of origins of advice

23 03 2010

Value for money (source: Micheal Sellars)

Two weeks ago my eyes were flickering like romance candles and I happened to pass around Karama near LuLu supermarket. Given that I do not frequent that area due to traffic jams, I saw an optical shop and stepped inside to inquire about replacing my eyeglass lenses. The owner’s name was Kishore and I looked in his business card that he had a degree in  optometry. Surprising many optical shops in Dubai dont have qualified eye doctor and curiously I asked him if he could explain why my eyes were flickering.

He provided free eye test (most do when you buy frame or glass) and took pains to explain for 30 mins the anatomy of eye and why was it flickering due to stress. Note that he didnt have any assistant that time and I saw many customers walk away after waiting. Later he found I had been wearing lenses with high power which was unrequired given to me by a unqualified optometrist. He warned me to see only qualified optometrist. I decided not to buy any frame instead have my lenses changed. Next day he provided me an immaculately looking eye glasses which looked good as new.

Kishore provided great value for money and I would be more than happy to visit him next time. More importantly I realized the importance of scrutinizing advices based on the source. Due to wrong prescription I wore a wrong lens fore a year which created blurred vision of outside world. Similarly in business and relationships people usually provide free advice which when followed can cause many untold troubles and hassles. It is important to understand the history and track record of the consultant or consultancy firm if you are hiring one for business advice same thing goes for relationships. I implicitly ask questions  “have they been in this similar situation before?” , “do they have any qualifications?”, get testimonials from people whom they advised, search their names on google and read their articles and responses received.  If at any point they become self-conscious or self-promotion praises like “I have been in cover in top magazine” when you asked for any testimonials or track record of their accomplishment it raises a red flag and I would advice to look for someone who takes time to explain you of their work record than being narcissist person.




3 responses

25 03 2010
Sams Ahmed

You are right Dubai is becoming less and less of place of value

25 03 2010
Haroon rashid

Which optics shop did you go to?

27 03 2010
Vinod Chatha

I guess it must be Karama Optical as he mentioned in the post.

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