Waiting for the rainy day

1 03 2010

I was stuck yesterday for 2 hours on Emirates Rd E311 between Sharjah – Dubai road for 3 hours at night from 12:30 am to 3:15 a.m. I tried taking the exit but it was jammed by cars which had broken down as they were partially submerged in water.  The rainfall was the heaviest in 12 months, given the evidence of extent of damage. I once asked a municipality director in Sharjah (located in northern emirates) why is the city not investing in proper drainage system. His reply was “It rains only 2 months in a year in UAE so I guess it is no use allocating resource to it.”  It was lackadaisiacal reply and the same year in 2008 it rained cats and dogs flodding most of the industrial area of Sharjah and costing millions of dollars of damage which coud have been averted had they noticed the extent of loss flooding causes to the economy.

Broken down car (Dubai)

The same approach can be seen in business decisons. One decision I remember from my friend Andrew who formed lucrative business with a partner. I asked him if he had the papers which clearly stated his assests in place, he said he “knew and trusted his friend and partner” and had genterman’s agreement with him.  One of my guru once said, “Pulled by women and world strengths of friendships at times slowly wither away”. Andrew had hard time claiming his assets once the alliance dissolved. His partner was smart man and got some credible paperwork and lawyer to claim most of the assets of the businesses they had which comes down to moral of the story –


have contingency plans and look the big picture , what if this incidence happens , what will be the extent of damage? is it worth investing on the solution or prevention plan? According to news sources, there have been 170 accidents resulting in 4 deaths and causing millions of dirhams of damage to economy plus government has to pay for drainage of water. There have been reports that there will be more rain…government didn’t announce any initaitives to prevent the mess …….so they are still waiting for rainy day.




One response

9 03 2010
Kris Allen

I was stuck for 3 hours and it was horrible. Why doesnt governement invest in decent drainage plan is byond my understanding

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