Fry or Die!

19 02 2010

Before you continue reading the post,  I want to show you a small video of shuttle taking off.

Note tons of fuel being burned when shuttle is taking off, note the sonic boom it makes when it goes faster than sound, note the shuttle going at very high speeds more than escape velocity i.e 11.7 km/s  to escape  earth’s gravity, note the debris falling and then, the tiles burning at very high temperature due to high air resistance  and then…. BOOM! It escapes into the space !. There is no resistance there. You must be wondering what is the reference of this video with this post?

To better understand what I am going to explain let me quote Albert Einstein “God does not play dice!” What did he actually mean? He meant God didn’t just randomly decide that you shall become a great speaker, or you shall will Miss universe or I shall win “best blogger” in Technorati competition. It is not random and it is not by chance people become successful.

Over the years I have been lucky to meet many successful people in their fields, I found most were of average intelligence, average looking people who came from middle class or poor background. but they were average people with non-average or extraordinary results. Why were they different? Were they lucky? Did they have any secret? For one year when I was doing a tour around North America, I met many musicians, entrepreneurs and speakers best in their respective fields. I was interested in hearing their stores BEFORE they became successful. What did they do, what did they think and after meeting over 50 successful people, I found there was a trend or phase they went through in climbing to success which I am going to pass to you today for free.

Eureka graph

The trend is basically shown in the graph above which shows effort vs time and the analogy to space shuttle is also shown. Note all of us follow the first part of graph, for example any skill we learned like walking when we were kids, to driving, to dancing we followed a methodical procedure in learning. Take public speaking for example, you were aware of the need to improve our speaking or leadership skills. Your desire to improve increased when you saw great speakers as Malcolm X or Martin Luther King speak, you said “Yeah I want to be that guy, I want to speak like him“.  You then asked yourselves a question “How do I become one?” and focused on mastering speaking. You read books, asked your friends for solutions and somehow you took time to research and then join a apeaker’s club.  Some became Certified speaker by completing 10 projects focusing, relearning and then applying but here is the difference, some of us will go on to become best speaker in district, by country or the world…will it be by chance? Luck? What is the difference between successful and wannabe?

This is the important part of the post ….. I asked one successful entrepreneur who sold everything to fund his business, lost his fiance of 2 years before he hit success, suffered from very painful ailment , failed deal after deal. I asked him “How did you know you will make it?” He stared at me and said ” I believed in myself and threw myself out there. Fry or Die trying”! That’s the X-factor, that persistence, that UMPFff that seperates the winner and wanted to bes. FRY WITH FEAR OR DIE TRYING!

The main difference between successful and wannabes is the region between Action and Peak is the place very close to success where self doubt creeps in , people say “I think I wont be able to make it” “I am not good enough” they loose money, friends, health or some great obstacle hits them and they let go of the grip and fall from peak letting their dreams die. Only few people make it to the other end , reach the tipping point or have that eureka moment then everything becomes easy for them.

Success steps

For some example ever wondered why 20% of people in USA own 80% of wealth? You see rich people hang out with other rich people in clubs, golf etc and let others know of the deals. As a result rich become richer and the schism between rich and poor increases.. 80% of millionaires in States are first born millionaires i.e they didnt inherit their wealth, they earned it. Was is by luck or chance? Now you have the answer.

Tipping point

Here is Amit Mehta, who took two years of intensive effort to become millionaire. Here he is explaining the phase he went through. The graph looks familiar isnt it?

Persistence is the key to get to the other side” – Amit Mehta

History is full of stories of leaders who showed great persistence and moved forward.

O People ! Where can you flee? The sea is behind you, and the enemy in front of you: There is nothing for you, by God, except for truth and strength of character.
-Tariq ibn Ziyad (great Moor conqerer of Spain) (burned his ships and moved to conquer Spain)

I can summarize the lessons of my life in seven words: never give in; never, never give in.”
Winston Churchill

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” President Coolidge

Making your first million dollars is hard” – Harv Eker (entreprenuer who failed many times before hitting big)

What I have revealed you today may not be a secret recipe to success but understanding the mindset of successful people, helps to better understand the phase when you yourself or your friend will undertake the mission in life. Now you know the three word advice you will give when you see somebody down who has sacrificed everything, thinking of giving up after being so close to success, you place hand of their shoulder , look them in the eye and comfort them by saying – FRY OR DIE!




6 responses

19 02 2010

Very inspiring! I loved your speech! When is the next meeting?

19 02 2010
Cristy Klaussberg

Good analogy ! I personally have observed people and have noticed the trend. great that your brought it up.

20 02 2010

Hi…it was great meeting you that day. You were inspiring… do you speak professionally?

Ashok Majekar

21 05 2010
Completing the initiative « Shanz Zenith

[…] discipline and determination to see it through where many flunk. In my previous post – “Fry or die“, I address this trend. Scarcity and poverty are not due ot lack of abundance or resources, […]

22 05 2010
Completing the initiative « Shanz Zenith

[…] discipline and determination to see it through where many flunk. In my previous post – “Fry or die“, I address this trend. Scarcity and poverty are not due to lack of abundance or resources, […]

25 09 2014
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