You are bigger than your problem

10 02 2010

ow many times have you heard “If only I had enough money…. “If only I had good health…. “If times were better…” “If only I could live my life over again. You may have said it or heard from a friend. The problem is when we are in trouble we simulate in our minds of big trouble ahead. Below is the picture of you surrounded by the “Problem”.

You surrounded by problem

Instead if we just concentrated on solutions even for a moment, you will find ways to deal with the problems.

Today I am going how to set your fears aside and conquer them which has been told to me by people successful in their fields.

When we are in trouble we think of trouble in minds and rethink the consequences and indulge in it. Your mind will then pick up only the worse case scenarios. Worrying is a form of meditation used in negative form.

Instead if you focus even for a fraction of time on the solutions and write down possible solutions for the problems you are facing, then u r going to experience change in vision and your world will change. Imagine this sentence “YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR PROBLEM”.

You are BIGGER than your problem!

To live free in spirit, you must be willing to face your fears and let go of anything that limits your life. The attachment to comfort or security is what limits us to do things in life to set us free. My friend was a single father years back with less resource or income. His dream was to travel the world and have an adventure. He did this without earning substantial wealth. Do you know how much he earns in a year to travel 25+ countries? Around 30,000 dollars, drives 12 yr old honda and gets hair cut from his sister in law and he does all what millionaire does. Why? Because he faced his fears and met freedom on the other side.

So next tie you are in trouble , look trouble in the eye and say “I WILL BE BIGGER THAN YOU!




One response

21 02 2010
Shuez Alfraz

So next tie you are in trouble , look trouble in the eye and say “I WILL BE BIGGER THAN YOU!“

Great advice!

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