Discovering DNA blue print of your Goals

15 01 2010

This is what I have drawn in the end of the day after reading how to make goals.

Goal Setting Schematics

The above picture is self explanatory. All your goals must be value based. Why? As human beings we are socially programmed and if you want something emotionally and to prevent any conflict with other areas of life it is vital to have a list of your values. Values are like power house of emotions which motivates you and are  heart and soul for your goals.  As Roy Disney said “It is not hard to make decisions once you have written down your values”.

I started with my list of values then I thought I needed more to expand it so I used Steve Pavlina’s list of values which is very comprehensive.

How do you find your values?

Best time to make a list is the time you rise and before you go to sleep. Values must be abstract as concrete values can and may lead to conflict. Some people find it easier to write down goals then track it back to values.  I divide my values into Personal, Health, Career, Financial, Social and Spiritual.  From here I make a list of values which I then take each component and compare and contrast and rate agains each other. One question that my help you is to ask “What  is important to me in this social area? Then “What else is important to me in social area? After making a list and prioritizing them , merge them together and then reprioritize to get the final list. Now you have got DNA blueprint  for your goals.

Some advice

Note that I compared with a freind and he put “Money” as  his top value. I asked to write down all the perceptions (feelings, visual, smell, etc) he would expereince after becoming rich. he wrote them down to detail and then I asked him to close his eyes and visualize him achieving the riches and enjoying every minute of being millionaire. He said he was happy but not “was missing something” or not satisfied. You see Money wasn’t meant to be “ends” value goal but a as a process of providing or achieving your other ‘ends”  value like “making difference” may be in research of cancer cure or discovery of some breakthrough.

Flexible priorities

Make your priorites flexible so it can change when the context of our life changes. Example, you are lonely so you make “camaraderie” your top priority list.  Review your values every week and change your goals accordingly.

Clarify Values

It is very important to clarify your values before you move to heavily implement your goals. Making goals without clarifying values is like taking a wrong ma of the place and running up and downthe place and finally saying “This is not what I wanted”

As Brian Tracey said ” Life is lived from the inside out. The very core of your personality is your values. Your values are what make you the person you are. Everything you do on the outside is dictated and determined by your values on the inside, whether clear or fuzzy.”




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