A high dose of inspiration.

7 01 2010

Just before the new year’s eve I saw the video of a friend whom I haven’t met in 2 years but the inspiration he gave through a gift surely made his presence felt. I pass on the readers the gift which will change the way you thing of life.

In the video is a friend named Jesse Wong who is an avid dancer, speaker, traveller, artist and other talents hidden in him. I was reading a book named “The Way of Superior Man” and one of the chapters  talks about men seeking freedom. It read “Your basic motivation is to be released from constraint and experience the freedom on the other side.” Every activity we love to do example travelling, singing, dancing and praying has one core reason that we do. It is to make us free from routines of our lives- physically, emotionally and spiritually – we travel because we want discover and break free from physical limitations, we dance and play to experience emotional spikes, we pray to free ourselves spiritually and conciously.

“Life is either daring adventure or nothing” said by Helen Keller is the advice my friend,  Jesse Wong followed years ago when things , limitations of life were holding him back like many of us here. We do activities to release from constraints and experience the freedom on the other side. But many of us cant release ourselves from constraints and lead a routine life. Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains said by Jean Roussaeu. What is that limitation and how can we break free?

Jesse in his words from his blog a miraculous thing happened one day – I looked within myself and realized I was creating my unhappiness.  I realized I was the source of frustration –  and in short,  that was the start of how I became younger as I grew older.” Fast forward years you will see his experiences, his freedom all the results are compiled to one video – “Everyone’s free” on Sun screen song which inspired all of my friends and I am sure will inspire you too. One tip: carefully listen to the lyrics of the song.




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30 01 2010
Bring Jesse to UAE !!! « My log

[…] now you must have known who he is. For those who dont please read this post – “A high dose of inspiration“. The great news is UAE is in his list of places to visit and he is working on it! So why […]

19 02 2010


I saw the video when Shanz showed it to us, would love to have you in Dubai

19 02 2010

Wow Shanz! the video motivated me! Whrn is he coming would love to meet him and get some ideas!

19 02 2010

It was very inspiring! Thanks for showing us the video

21 02 2010
Shuez Alfraz

Very inspirational! Thx!

21 03 2010
Kami Ali

Saw it in the Tim ferris blog, great video, inspiring!

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