WARNING to all Goal makers of 2010

3 01 2010

In 2009, I had worked 1508 hours on my business in 4 months. Since it’s new year and everybody have been talking about new front , I thought I would give my pointers.

I made goals last yr and achieved success rate of 50% which is average and I achieved two of my major goals of my life… I learned many valuable lessons from <b> goals that didn’t work</b> .
Here are the reasons:

1, Difference between WANT and DO “I want to do things to achieve peace of mind” or “I want to be happy”  or “I want to be loved by hot models” (not on my list) are not goals. Why? Because they are just state of mind in specific period which will only be achieved if certain external and internal stuffs are taken care off….
eg. If you read every morning ” I want to be happy” consciously , your subconscious mind will reject it if you are not doing  things congruent to getting “being happy”. Things like : –

i, I will call my parents & siblings on second Friday every month
ii, I shall wake up everyday and be thankful but strive to fulfill GTD list (getting things done) so I can achieve my major goal.
iii, Minor things – I shall auto lock my kitchen so my cat doesnt mess my kitchen when I am away…

Something definite, something actionable are part of goals , if they aint actionable most probably it is reminder or “philosophical” item like “I am my boss’s best buddy” “I shall be respectful to others” or “I am God’s gift to women” to put in affirmations list to be read in morning and night (more on Affirmations later).

2, Take out NOTs “I shall NOT procrastinate” , “I shall NOT smoke pipe more than 5 times” “I shall NOT sleep later than 10 a.m” have been failures, Why?

Because according to leading goal making mentors your subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative statements. Your subconscious mind is powerhouse of emotions and visualization. If you can’t emote your goals most likely you will dump it. “If you can’t see it , you can’t be it”

Make it “towards-motivation” goal (“I want to be top 10% of my field”) instead of “away-from motivation goal” (“I don’t want to be bottom of my field”)

3, “No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy” Yes plans do fail and many will. Military planners say “Plan will evolve and become realistic with time, it’s not the plan that is important <u><b>it’s the planning process</u></b>. For the planning process you need a SOLID review system. I have been trying HARD to implement a planning system and here’s what worked for me

i, I keep a koyono pen (my hand writing looks beautiful) and a note pad in my pocket where ever I go and write down things
ii, I get back home and open a text file and put actionable items in list
iii, Immediate tasks are put in my cell phone (Nokia E 75) with alarm
iv, Repetitive and long term tasks are put in my google calender with e-mail reminder to mail me. ( I check e-mail once a day in afternoon).
v, Keep a file of major goals and break them down into achievable parts and schedule them.
vi, Put a reminder on Google calender once every two weeks to review the goals.

4, Goals don’t work!!! I used to say that until a great friend confronted me to try to follow a plan of 5 achievable goals for 6 month time frame for 65 days and and would pay me of it didn’t work.
Initially I did try hard and after 2 weeks when I didn’t see much difference I went to him , he saw my list of goals and corrected it and applied S.M.A.R.T principle and made it “towards-motivated” goal and Bham! whenever I read it, I could visualize myself doing it, having it.  That was basically the message behind “The Secret” which many including I didn’t get it initially.

He said something I will never forget ” You see Shanz the main aim for goals is not to achieve things , they are secondary , the main aim is to increase your “conscious awareness”.

Since that time I have been hooked in process of making goals.

Finally i changed the title of this note from “How to NOT make Goals” to above… yep gotta practice for what I preach. Until then I wish everyone of you to increase your conscious awareness” this year.

P.S – What did you guys learn from goals from last yr or if you are making one how are you going to implement them?




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